Free Public WiFi in Galway

Across the globe, many cities are recognising the value of offering free internet throughout the city zone. A new extension to Galway’s free WiFi sees it expanding from 13 to 35 access points, making Galway Ireland’s largest WiFi connected city.

During 2019, the most popular on-the-go smartphone activities were getting directions and finding new restaurants. These are activities that support commerce in the community so making them cheaper and handier makes good business sense for a city.

Evidence suggests that public WiFi increases footfall and encourages people to spend more time in the area. And this increase on the streets converts to more business being done in the shops, bars and cafes around the city.

For business people on the go, free WiFi is crucial for conducting meetings in public places or simply staying on top of communications whilst on the move.

This free connectivity is also extremely important for attracting and retaining younger residents.

Galway’s public WiFi adds value to facility rentals, and is a huge bonus for attracting and supporting fairs, festivals, sporting events and meetings.

From a tourism perspective, the splash screens that users see when they log onto WiFi can give a good overview of things to do in the city, events the Council wants to promote, or they can be used to direct users to a business.

Free WiFi really does further underpin Galway’s credentials as a visitor, customer and business friendly city.