Watch ‘Over The Ledge’-featuring Gearoid Mcdaid

Gearoid Mcdaid is arguably Ireland’s best surfer. Growing up on the west coast he represented Ireland at countless world and European championships. In the past four years he’s been making a name for himself on the European circuit as one of the best all round surfers out there.

With Mullaghmore on his doorstep, Gearoid is now pushing his limits in bigger, scarier waves of consequence. This week he released a new surf movie called ‘Over The ledge’ and we caught up with him in Sligo to find out more.

Q.Hey Gearoid, you just released a new edit today called ‘Over The Ledge’, tell us about it?

We held a couple of premiers in the UK and Ireland over the past two months before releasing the video today online. So far the reaction has been great! We spent six months working on the project to capture what we needed. During that six months we chased every swell up and down the coast and when we had enough clips, Clem spent a further four months editing. So overall it was a ten-month turnaround but hopefully it will be worth it and everyone will like what we’ve created.

Q. Ireland has in recent years gained a reputation for one of the best surf spots in the world, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Tell us what it takes to be at the right place, at the right time in Ireland compared to other countries?

Honestly, Ireland is in my opinion one of the hardest places in the world to forecast and get good waves. The charts are ever changing and it’s rare that all the elements play ball. Sometimes the tide is wrong, more times than not the wind is the wrong direction. It’s on those days when wind, swell direction and tides line up, that it’s hard to be anywhere better.


Q.You’ve travelled to Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Africa and lots more countries over the past year or two. What do you miss most about home when you’re on the road?

This year was an intense year of travel for me. Overall, I wasn’t really home for longer than a week in any month and sometimes for much longer. I obviously miss my family and hanging with my mates. When you’re on the road, searching for waves and not having any luck, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll spot that perfect chart for Ireland and know you can’t make it back in time!


Q. Here at LookWest we spend our time telling people why they should live and work in the west coast of Ireland. What do you see as the benefits of living on the west coast for anybody here or anybody looking to move?

 I’ve been all over the world this year and there’s no place I’d rather live that here in Sligo. When I’m home, I’m so close to the beach and when there’s no waves, we usually go for a hike up one of the mountains. It’s a pretty easy life on the west coast, no stress of a major city but still plenty to do.



Good luck with the video Gearoid and keep charging!

The Look West team.