‘Great Fjord Swim’ to provide a great tourism boost for the West

The Great Fjord Swim will see over 700 swimmers taking the plunge on Saturday the 6th of October, the highest number of swimmers since the inception of the Great Fjord Swim in 2012. The event is offering all things magical about open water swimming in the Killary Fjord, Leenane, Co. Galway. It proves to be the perfect setting for rounding off the swimming season this Autumn in the heart of Connemara.

great fjord swim

Offering three distances – 750m, 1.5km, and 3.9km – The Great Fjord Swim is an amazing event for swimmers of many levels. The full Ironman Distance of 3.9km is aimed for experienced swimmers who want to test their limits. The 2km route sees swimmers start their swim with a jump off the catamaran and swim back to the shore. To round off, a 750m swim from Co. Mayo all the way to Co. Galway including a trip on a fishing trawler.

Ireland’s biggest open water swim event is looking to sell out this year. Wave 1 of the 2km distance is already sold out and places for all other distances are filling fast. Mona Purcell, the race director at Killary Gaelforce, on the popularity of the Great Fjord Swim: “This swim is extraordinary. The Great Fjord Swim is nestled between the hills of the Killary Fjord, creating a majestic backdrop. But also, more importantly, it means that it is a sheltered open water swim – a rare combination!”

The record numbers taking part in 2018 bring a great boost and extends the local tourist season. The population of the village of Leenane will almost treble during the weekend of the swim.

The Great Fjord swim is part of the Global Swim Series, attracting a more international crowd than ever this year.

More details at https://gaelforceevents.com/en/the-great-fjord-swim

Photo Credit: Gaelforceevents.com