The Community Enterprise Centres in the Western region are shaping up for growth.

This Tuesday, enterprise centres from Donegal to South Galway gathered in Claremorris, County Mayo where the WDC in conjunction with NACEC provided a platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges of operating an Enterprise Centre in the region.  It was imperative this discussion took place as we are a region where many new jobs are classified as self-employed, demonstrating the entrepreneurial culture, mindset and opportunity to innovate in the region.  According to the WDC policy team, self-employment is a more important source of jobs in the region than elsewhere, with 1 in 5 working people in the region self-employed, compared with 1 in 6 in the rest of Ireland.     ‘People are having to create their own jobs,’ according to Ian Brannigan, CEO(a)WDC ‘and with 65,000 people working for themselves in the Western Region, we value self-employment as a source of jobs growth which is central to the region’s future.

With the opening of the Porter Shed in Galway City on Monday and this  regional enterprise centres meet up on Tuesday, there is an appetite to drive further support, energy and coordination across our network of top class regional facilities.  The Western Region provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to operate in a connected, smart, professional landscape as well as benefit from a rich quality of life, clean environment and where heritage is a valued.

“A network of purpose built and investor friendly property solutions for business across the Atlantic Economic Corridor is central to the growth of enterprise in the Western Region and future economic development” added Kevin Thompstone, Director of Shannon Chamber and economic development consultant.  Joe Kelly, Chairman of NACEC and Manager of IRD Kiltimagh added “Community Enterprise Centres offer a bespoke local and community led response to a job creation in a particular area.  Businesses can start-up, survive, develop and prosper in a low risk environment where self-employment and job creation is valued. With about 4000 jobs currently domiciled in the 120 NACEC Member Community Enterprise Centres nationally, these centres play a pivotal role in the regions ability to innovate and facilitate indigenous businesses with a significant job creation dimension.”




Clodagh Barry, Regional Development, Western Development Commission, 086 0424857

Pauline White, Policy Analyst, Western Development Commission, 086 832 8055