Shore Shots

Shore Shots Surf Festival at SeaFest is delighted to partner with Shore Shots at SeaFest in Galway from 30 June – 02 July, to celebrate the very best in surfing, film, ideas and discovery on the west coast.

Unique and inspiring films and videos produced along the West Coast by filmmakers and videographers will be shown at the Marquee throughout the three days.

The Shore Shots Irish Surf festival, which takes place annually in April, celebrates all things Discovery, Adventure, Inspiration and Creativity.

Shore Shots features surf films and video edits from the world of surf’s leading artists and athletes, with a special emphasis on the art and creative work inspired by the cold and ferocious waves around Ireland’s west coast.

Ian Mitchinson

Surfer Nic Von Rupp, Photo Credit: Ian Mitchinson

Shore Shots Edits Showcase for SeaFest 2017 

Winter Tides by Johnny McCanny (9.45)

 “The west coast of Ireland is home to some of the most amazing surfing in the World. What would it be like to grow up on these shores? And surf these seas everyday? You’re about to meet two people who did.”

‘Winter Tides’ is a short film about growing up on the west coast of Ireland and being shaped by the incredible surfing on our doorstep.

 Dan & Friends by Kevin Smith (4.13)

A clip about Dan Skajaowski and friends filmed in and around the Cliffs of Moher last winter. Big waves and powerful surfing from some of the best athletes on the west coast of Ireland.

 Rory O’Dowd by Fionn McArthur (3.35)

‘A couple of days at the playground’ – bodyboarder Rory O’Dowd is joined by talented film-maker Fionn McArthur for an action-packed adventure around some of their favourite spots on the west coast.

Between The Silence by Islander (4mins)

‘Filmed in one day at the end of February, Between the Silence takes a look at two of Ireland’s premier waves in the north-west of the island as an Atlantic swell hits shore. With winter’s light illuminating some of the best conditions these shores have to offer, watch from above as these brave souls test themselves against the ocean.’

Gearoid McDaid by Stephen Kilfeather (6.37)

Gearoid talks about his progress over the past 12 months surfing. From tackling big waves at Mully to charging the fun stuff. Filmed by Sligo native Stephen Kilfeather, this is a great insight into hard training and dedication behind one of the finest competitive surfers Ireland has ever produced.

Halcyon by Peter Clyne  ( 5.55)

Beautifully shot and directed by Sligo based director Peter Clyne, this edit is a profile of Donegal charger Conor Maguire as he chases waves along the slabs and breaks of his home spots. With epic big waves at Mullaghmore, clean fun rollers at the Peak and dramatic barrels at Reilly’s, the west coast surfing and film-making team showcase all that’s great about Irish surfing as experienced by one of the leading lights in the Irish scene.

The Brotherhood by Chris Case

Capturing every hard hitting moment from Mullaghmore 16/17.  Five XXL nominations, two double wave hold-downs, boundaries pushed and barriers broken by a multitude of legends and rookies from the big wave scene.  The Brotherhood puts you deep amongst the camaraderie of tackling huge barrels and big beatings.

Mistakes are made, are lessons learned? by Peter Conroy and Kevin Smith  (10mins)

Surf rescues, wipe-outs, paramedic training and safety planning are all part of the game for Clare based fire fighter and big-wave charger Peter Conroy. Using his paramedic training as a first responder, Peter brings his skills to the big wave cauldron that is the Cliffs of Moher to save lives and help other surfers spot the danger signs.

The Peak with Aron Reid, by CMP Productions  

Beautifully filmed by CMP Productions in the North West of Ireland, surfer Aron Reid takes us on a tour of one of the most internationally recognised surf spots on the west coast of Ireland. Expect perfect waves, incredible skills and lots of laughs as the local surfers enjoy their playground.

Rory O’Dowd – 2 Days Out West by Fionn McArthur 

A bodyboarder’s jaunt around his favourite breaks and slabs, musician, surfer and adventurer Rory O’Dowd takes film-maker Fionn McArthur on a tour of the Sligo coastline.

Noah Lane – Atlantic Froth by Fionn Rogers 

Award-winning short by Fionn Rogers, this edit gives a profile of Aussie pro surfer Noah Lane who has made the west of Ireland his home in recent years. Powerful waves and some spectacular surfing made this edit an audience favourite at the Shore Shots festival.

Fergal Smith – Winter, by Mickey Smith

Incredibly shot and edited by Mickey Smith, this powerful clip showcases the surfing and campaigner of Clare based environmentalist and farmer Fergal Smith. With heavy waves and dramatic shots from around the west coast this edit was a clear winner of the Shore Shots edit competition in 2014.

Seven Shamurai by Dylan Stott 

Donegal-based New Yorker Dylan Stott brings some fun to proceedings with a light-hearted look at the surfers and athletes who spend their winter sessions at the powerful Mullaghmore wave in Co Sligo. A Wu Tang Clan inspired music video with some of the best surfing you’ll see ensues.

Celtic Tiger by Tom Butler 

A regular visitor to Irish shores, Tom Butler brings some high-energy fun and drama to the biggest waves he can find, even going fancy dress in his pursuit of killer swells.

Four Boards & A Piano, by Kev L Smith

Beautifully combining drone footage with sweeping music and narrative voice-overs, Kevin Smith films his brother’s tours around the majestic west coast  of Ireland from Clare up to Mayo, stopping along the way to check out on friends and take in a few waves.

Oceanic Acid – Peter Clyne

An award-winning video that went viral soon after its release online, Peter Clyne uses some camera trickery and fantastic music to take us night-surfing in a magical moonlight west of Ireland.

Shore Shots at SeaFest 2017 – Speaker Profiles

Barry Mottershead

A South African big wave surfer and adventurer, Barry Mottershead fell in love with the West of Ireland and moved here 15 years ago after passing through Sligo on a backpacking journey around Europe. Having put down roots in the west, he discovered the big wave spot Mullaghmore that lies just a few miles down the road from his new home and spends every winter chasing monster swells that stack up along the west coast.

By day he runs Sligo Kayak Tours, a tourism company that takes kayakers on breathtaking trips through the lakes and inlets of the north west. Check out his business at or watch his big-wave surfing in action here.

Easkey Britton

Easkey Britton is a five-times Irish surf champion, the first Irish woman to be nominated for the WSL Big Wave awards and also the first woman ever to surf in Iran. She’s an environmentalist, a scientist and holds a PhD doctorate in Environment and Society. A campaigner, advocate and constant traveller when she’s not chasing waves in her native Donegal, she’s also an ambassador for surf brand Finisterre and a co-founder of Waves of Change, a not-for-profit organisation which uses the power of surfing as a social medium for change. EaskeyBritton.Com

Peter Conroy

A fireman, paramedic and rescue worker, Peter Conroy has been pushing the boundaries of surfing in the west of Ireland ever since the Cliffs of Moher were first discovered as a surf break. A native Clare man, he set up the Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club and has been a central figure in improving surf safety and saving the lives of surfers across the west coast of Ireland. When not working and surfing in the west of Ireland, he brings educational courses and surf rescue training to clubs around Ireland. Watch his Red Bull video here.

Moy Hill Community Garden

Set up by a collective of young farmers, environmentalists  and surfers who were drawn to the west of Ireland, the Moy Hill Community Garden is located just outside Lahinch, in a spot overlooking the fields and coastline of Co Clare. With weekly cook-ups, native tree planting,  a farmers’ market and community days for locals to get involved with planting, growing and learning about the land, the people behind Moy Hill are now looking to expand their offering to preserve and maintain the agricultural lifestyle in the west of Ireland.

Finn Ni Fhaolain

A chef, surfer and blogger, Finn is passionate about food, health, education and living on the west of Ireland. Based on the west coast of Ireland and a huge fan of watersports and marine life, she also published her first book, Finn’s World, this year and is still cooking and surfing as much as her busy schedule allows. She also holds a degree in Ocean Science and a masters in Marine biology. Check out her health tips or grab a copy of her new book here.

Ian Mitchinson

A photographer, explorer, surfer and father who was drawn to the Wild Atlantic Way, Ian Mitchinson moved from South Africa to the North West of Ireland and never looked back. His work is dominated by his love of the sea and life in the west of Ireland with dramatic shots and impressive studies of wild life in the area. Based in Sligo he also hosts adventure workshops, private photography classes as well as workshops and public speaking about his life in the west and what drew him to set up a business here.

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