Roscommon Online is the forerunner in the new Global Rossie Strategy, launched by The Minister for Finance, this site is created to help people reconnect with the county.


Paschal Donohue recently launched a new strategy by Roscommon County Council, called #roscommonbound which includes a fantastic new website, and is part of a new Global Rossie Strategy. This new Strategy is about reconnecting with County Roscommon in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands.

The site is focusing primarily on emigrants from both pre and post the year 2,000, as well as what are described as east coast diaspora and the affinity diaspora.

When questioned ‘Do people identify as the diaspora?’ The overwhelming response was no. But, people do identify as a ‘Rossie’. So the term diaspora was removed and ‘The Global Rossie Family’ emerged as being more relevant to the Roscommon people.

The research for ‘The Global Rossie Strategy’ has highlighted that the decision to either move home to Roscommon is often a family decision with many broader considerations to be taken into account, such as jobs for two people, childcare, schools etc.

With all this in mind the website provides really useful information, whether you are moving back to Roscommon or moving there for the first time, all these queries are dealt with, from to how to find childcare, enrol in the local schools, accessing services of the local council which range from services such as arts, libraries, setting up a business and much more. It also highlights the lots of recreational opportunities available in Roscommon and the county.

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