ROKWOOD – WDC Project for Bioenergy and Energy Crops

ROKWOOD is 3 year project funded through the EU’s Framework 7 programme. The project has aimed to increase the market penetration of woodfuel produced from short rotation plantations (SRP) by encouraging more relevant research, providing views on supportive policy measures, dissemination of existing knowledge and the promotion of multifunctional uses.

The consortium is made up of 20 partners from 6 different countries. The activities in each country are concentrated on a particular region. Some of the regions are well developed in terms of SRP planting and infrastructure whilst others are in their infancy. Each regional cluster is represented by three partners comprising the triple-helix concept (business entity, research entity and local/regional authority).

The direction of travel for the majority of the outputs of the project has been informed by the business representative of each cluster.  This will increase the likelihood that future SRP research and policy context are based on a real world understanding of the issues. The project concludes in November 2015.

As part of this project, the WDC held three training seminars, in Athlone, Mullingar and Galway to promote the use of woody biomass.  Some of the project outputs include:

  • A Joint Action Plan, a catalogue developed by the six European research-driven clusters including future joint activities, research areas and project ideas which aim at increasing research and technology development (RTD), market uptake and  investments in woody biomass production from short rotation plantations (SRP) and utilisation schemes.
  • A ROKWOOD Best Practice Booklet which includes 40 case studies of enterprises within the six ROKWOOD partner countries, and covering every step in the biomass supply chain, from initial business planning to the distribution and use of the heat and power produced. These examples focus specifically on woody energy crops grown in SRPs.
  • Policy Briefs with recommendations for policy makers, public authorities and governmental agencies to support the development, production and use of SRP-derived woodfuel in each partner country. The briefs are inevitably shaped by the characteristics of each cluster region and are therefore primarily focused on influencing regional policy, covering all levels of formal policy making and also the development of action plans.

You can also sign up to the ROKWOOD Marketplace. The ROKWOOD marketplace ( is where organisations can showcase their business offers and find partners. It is our intention is to make this the largest publically available database of SRP businesses in the world. If your company is involved in the production and use of woody biomass from SRPs, and you are not listed yet, you can register here:

More information on the project is available by contacting Pauline Leonard at or on the project website