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Meet the Overstock Team in Sligo: Lucia Macari – Development Team Leader

As a member of the leadership team at Overstock, Lucia Macari shares a common goal with her senior colleagues as the company looks to quadruple in size to continue delivering high-quality software while maintaining a genuine work-life balance for all Overstock’s staff.

And Lucia knows a thing or two about the benefits of work-life balance and how difficult life can be without it. Originally from Dublin, Lucia’s career in software after gaining a degree in Computer Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin saw her crisscross the globe as she worked in such diverse locations as Sweden, Germany, Finland, Japan, and Canada before returning to Dublin, meeting her future husband and jetting off to work in New Zealand for 18 months. Working in the tech sector in Wellington, the pair embraced an active outdoor lifestyle that they simply could not replicate when they returned to Dublin and started a family. Although they had great jobs, the absence of a good quality of life amid the demands of living in Dublin meant something had to change, and they decided to return to New Zealand. However, while standing on Streedagh beach in her husband’s native Sligo, they realised that they could have what they wanted without traveling halfway around the world. So, they moved to Sligo in late 2005 determined to seek out a better life for their family and haven’t looked back since.

lucia macariInitially, Lucia worked three days a week in Dublin, but they still enjoyed a much better quality of life than when they lived there. And, only a few years after the move, the opportunity arose for Lucia to take up a high-tech role with Overstock when they opened their only office outside of the United States.

One of the original seven Overstock staff in Sligo, Lucia has seen that grow to more than 40 employees and further expansion is on the way. Lucia is involved in various initiatives as part of the leadership team responsible for growing the Irish office. As Development Team Leader, Lucia guides the team through successful project delivery using the agile framework Scrum. She is also in daily contact with product owners to ensure the team is developing the right product in the right way.

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