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LookWest.ie Start-Up Guide To Promote Entrepreneurship in the West of Ireland

How much do you know about West of Ireland startups? Which startups have the most buzz?

For anyone intrigued by the start-up world – or already a part of it – the LookWest.ie West of Ireland Start Up Guide includes an overview of the leading lights in the West of Ireland start-up scene.

If you’re thinking of starting-up on your own or are already in business, check out this great overview of the companies already making waves in the West. We showcase companies across the industry clusters including the ICT, medtech, creative and food sectors.


We also show the accelerators, VCs and investment funds as well as the meet-ups, and co-working spaces that have sprouted up across the West.

The guide aims to celebrate and promote West of Ireland entrepreneurship, while offering a 101 guide for anyone visiting the Western Region or starting out in their career.

It covers the most successful West of Ireland startups and companies on the rise, industry clusters, accelerators and meetups, resident VCs, and the story of how our homegrown industry began. 

Ian Brannigan, Acting CEO of the WDC said ‘The Western Region of Ireland is fast developing a reputation for being the location of choice for aspiring businesses and individuals intent on thriving both professionally and personally. As it has done for almost 25 years the Western Development Commission (WDC), seeks to work with partners to facilitate this evolution . Thus I am delighted to welcome the creation of the Lookwest.ie  “West of Ireland Start up guide”. This updated version of the guide carries on the success of its predecessor in supporting Western businesses to flourish through practical and concise information and advice on establishing a business in our community. The West of Ireland is fast becoming a true networked economy and one which evermore invites the business community to grow within”

If you have a suggestion to add to the list, tweet @lookwestie or drop us an email!

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