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Sligo Live is proud to present the lineup for Arrivals 2015. Aiming to give new and emerging artists an opportunity to join the festival lineup, Arrivals is a series of intimate gigs held in city-centre venues across the festival weekend. The 2015 Arrivals lineup welcomes artists from across Ireland, the UK, US, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Norway & Scotland.”

The Sligo Live Arrivals programme strand is sponsored by

Please note: Arrivals gigs are free entry to festival goers and the general public but come early as event space is limited. Event times advertised are expected start times and most Arrivals gigs run for 45-60 minutes.

Sligo Live Arrivals 2015 Schedule

THURSDAY22nd 14:00 Sligo Bus Station Between the Leaves
THURSDAY22nd 15:30 The Model Atrium The Honey Bees
THURSDAY22nd 18:00 Hargadon’s Fia Rua
FRIDAY 23rd 12:30 Café Victor Damh
FRIDAY 23rd 14:00 Kate’s Kitchen Saint Sister
FRIDAY 23rd 15:30 The Sweet Beat Patrick Freeman
FRIDAY 23rd 17:00 The Riverside Hotel Tim V. Smyth
SATURDAY 24th 11:00 Lyons’ Café Pearse McGloughlin
SATURDAY 24th 12:00 The Model Atrium Cal Folger Day
SATURDAY 24th 13:00 Heart’s Desire Jim & Amy
SATURDAY 24th 14:00 Lilly & Lolly’s Paddy Hanna
SATURDAY 24th 15:30 The Sweet Beat Myles Manley
SATURDAY 24th 17:30 Hargadon’s Cry Monster Cry
SATURDAY 24th 18:00 The Riverside Hotel Christof
SATURDAY 24th 22:30 Hargadon’s Pearse McGloughlin
SUNDAY 25th 12:30 The Model Atrium The Out of Towners
SUNDAY 25th 14:00 Knox Dean Gurrie
SUNDAY 25th 16:00 Hargadon’s Christof
SUNDAY 25th 17:00 The Glasshouse Tandem Felix
SUNDAY 25th 18:00 The Riverside Hotel Seafoxes





Callum Keaveny

Peter James & John


For a full list of what’s happening for Sligo Live visit or follow #MusicCitySligo for updates