sligo hackathon

Hackahold’em – a Hackathon With A Twist Set To Bring Start-up Community Together in Sligo

Hackhold’em – a gamified version of hackathon is set to take place in The Building Block, Sligo on February 4th – 5th 2018.

Bringing together up to 40 programmers, designers and product developers, the event will take place over a 24 hour period with 5- 7 teams set to participate.

Overall, the event in Sligo aims to develop the start-up community by bringing together a mixture of developers, engineers, and doers, who will work together intimately over twenty-four hours to collaborate and bring an idea to fruition.

A hackathon is a unique opportunity for coders, developers, designers, ideators, and mentors to come together, brainstorm, problem solve, and create innovative solutions to real life challenges. With the added element of a poker game, teams will receive chips upon entry to the event, and the team with the most chips at the end of the event will win the overall prize fund.

Founded by Mayo native Noel Mulkeen and YoungHwi Cho from Seoul, Korea, the duo met as tenants in The Building Block co-working space which is home to a mix of start-ups, SMEs and remote workers.

Mulkeen, an experienced entrepreneur, found and built a mobile software business. Since relocating from Stockholm to Sligo, Noel he has co-founded – a tool to help businesses communicate their values to consumers through their CSR initiatives. With a keen interest in helping the start-up community in Sligo reach it’s full potential, he commented on the event: “This is a new way of bringing together a community of programmers, designers, ideators and mentors together, and to see what we can create; we’re excited about the event itself, but also the new relationships formed as a result of it. Hackathons have produced some very successful ideas which have gone on to become start-ups and full blown companies. We’re really excited about the potential of this event.”

John Reilly, head of the Local Enterprise Office, Sligo, said: “There’s so much innovative talent in the business community here in Sligo. It’s great to see a forum like this where they can get together, network and have some fun.”

Originally from Seoul, Korea, YoungHwi Cho, moved to Sligo in June 2017. He is a co-founder of BourbonShake, which runs Steemhunt, a blockchain-based social community, and Bark, a location-based chat app. As a recent addition to the local start-up scene in Sligo, YoungHwi is enthusiastic: “We think Sligo has so much potential to be a unique start-up and entrepreneurial hub –  we expect this event to be an excellent catalyst to promote this type of ecosystem here.”

Major sponsors for the event include Overstock, Local Enterprise Office Sligo, The Building Block and Bank of Ireland.

For further information and to register your interest in attending, visit or follow @hackaholdem