Fionn Rogers- Making ‘Tarraingt an Atlantaigh’

Hey Fionn. You’ve just released the first few episodes of a new series called Tarraingt an Atlantaigh on TG4. Tell us about the project and how it came about?

Honestly, the idea has been bubbling for a while. I have spent my life on the West Coast of Ireland, traveling up and down the sea front for waves and work. I have met lots of really interesting characters throughout this time and I have always known there are a lot of interesting stories out there and lessons to be learnt. I like many others who spend a lot of time in the sea, feel a connection with it. It makes me happier, more creative and healthy. In this series I wanted to hear other people’s take on that.

The episodes bring the Irish language to the forefront and showcases some really interesting people living along the western seaboard. How did you go about finding the characters?

Finding the characters wasn’t too hard. I knew a few, and then with a little research and phone calls we were able to find some more. I really feel like we only scratched the surface and there are definitely lots of other amazing coastal characters out there. Maybe we can find them for the next series!


Is shooting a series in Irish something you’ve aspired to or are passionate about?

Shooting this series in Irish was amazing. I learned so much from listening to the interviews and then editing them. It was really cool hearing all the different dialects from around the country. My fiancé Caitlín Nic Aoidh is from the Gaeltach in Donegal. She works with TG4 and helped me produce this series. It wouldn’t have happened without her.  I was worried about my Irish not being up to scratch but from shooting the series there was never any hard feelings about it. I think people who speak Irish are proud and passionate about it and want it to be heard whether you are fluent or you’ve only got a couple of words. It’s so nice hearing it first hand and I really want to learn and use it more often.

Tell us about your background and how you started shooting edits and working in the industry?

My dad gave me the loan of a little video camera when I was about 16. I used to get soaked down at the rocks videoing friends surfing during the summers and winters. This was right around the time youtube was kicking off. After I uploaded my first video I was hooked.

You’ve released three episodes so far, what’s next?

We have some epic ones coming up next. Nuala Moore who is an open water swimming legend from Kerry. We have Darek Guziuk who is a Polish Diver who runs Dive Academy out on Inis Mór (Lahinch during time of filming). We also have Easkey Britton who is an Irish surfing legend. She has been working on a lot on the science of what we are talking about in this series, very insightful.


I just want to take this opportunity to say some thank everyone who is a part of this series. They were all amazing to work with and really inspiring. TG4 for the opportunity to create something like this. Caitlín for all your patience and work. Finally to everyone who watched and enjoyed the series. If its inspires some people to go into the sea, or for people to go in more often I feel it’s a big win. Míle buíochas