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Meet The Overstock Team in Sligo: David Kenny, Director of Software Development and Site lead Ireland

David Kenny – Director of Software Development and Site lead Ireland

‘Career progression’ is important to David Kenny, Overstock’s Director of Software Development and Site lead Ireland. For him, that’s what a technologist gets when he or she joins Overstock a technology company brimming with opportunity. “We want to attract people who are looking for high-quality work and a high-quality lifestyle” says David.

If you can match that with a workplace that offers solid career progression which increasingly matters to people, we think that’s a pretty unique selling point for us here in Sligo.”

David is himself from Sligo, hailing from Ransboro under the shade of a stunning mountain and local landmark called Knocknarea. He went to university in Limerick and Galway. With international IT experience under his belt including stints at ING in the UK and Netherlands as well as working for global banking giant HSBC, he set up Overstock’s Ireland office in 2013.

“We started with a suitcase full of laptops, a company credit card and a bunch of great ideas. The growth has been very pleasing to a point where we are on track to have a staff of over 120.”

David says Overstock’s vision is to develop its Sligo base as a centre of excellence in software development by adding high-end, quality roles. The roles include backend, frontend, full stack, architecture across the Fintech, Supply Chain and E-Commerce domains. The company is hiring at various levels from junior to senior in areas such as software automation testing, machine learning, and data analytics. Overstock offers all of its employees’ career progression as well as opportunities for continuous learning. David adds: “Our mission is to continue developing cutting-edge, disruptive technology.”

With Overstock working across online retail, blockchain and other disruptive technologies, the future is an exciting one for the Irish teams in Sligo, a place of majestic beauty dubbed by some travel writers as Ireland’s ‘adventure capital’. David and his staff are frequent visitors to Sligo’s surf spots while the Overstock office itself in the heart of a spectacular urban park ringed by mountains and the famed Lough Gill. Ireland’s national poet WB Yeats found inspiration among the waters there. It’s an exciting place for younger people as well as those with families.

“We set the bar pretty high for recruitment we love being able to offer that cutting-edge tech work environment and Sligo’s natural charms which allows people to enjoy life inside and outside of work.“

At Overstock, we go above and beyond to deliver. I guess that’s what we are all about creating great solutions for the company as a whole and a great environment or the people who work here.”

Job Opportunities:

Check out the roles Overstock is currently recruiting in Sligo for in our Jobs Section.

Energise Your Business – how to take your innovation to the next level

You are cordially invited to
FREED Project Event
Tuesday 16th October 2018

9:30am – 2pm
Registration & Refreshments from 9:30am | Event Start 10:00am | Lunch & Networking 12:45pm

Is your start-up business or SME struggling to get an energy innovation to the next level? Then join us to hear from companies that have succeeded in this with the help of the  FREED Project.
Getting your ideas from the blueprints into the markets can be a long, difficult journey, which all innovations and companies are not be able to complete. Various business support organisations and enterprise agencies offer support for starting entrepreneurs and companies, but they do not target energy innovations in particular. However, these are the ones that are sorely needed, as energy is a key driver of climate change.
Funding Resources for Innovation in Energy Enterprise Development (FREED) is a three year project funded under Interreg’s Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme. FREED has been supporting SMEs and start-ups working on energy innovations with the aim of getting the innovations faster into the real world, where they can make a difference. The experiences of these SMEs and the support mechanisms developed in the project can help other innovations make it too.

During this event you will hear from:

  • SMEs who have been receiving support from the FREED Project and how it has helped them progress
  • Public Funding Specialist Ian Brannigan (Western Development Commission)
  • Business Angel Investor Nick Lyth (Green Angel Syndicate
  • You will also learn about the FREED Service platform – a funding match-making platform for SMEs, Investors and Enterprise Agencies.

To attend this event please Register HERE

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Shopify – A New World of Job Opportunities for the West of Ireland

With the advent of better broadband and an increasing demand for flexible working options, companies are looking at the potential of remote working for staff.

This is good news for the West of Ireland, with more and more people looking to escape the M50 and work in the West, the potential to work remotely for a large company with great career options is very appealing.

working from home

Shopify in the West

One such company offering just this is Shopify. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce firm headquartered in Ottawa. It develops software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. It was originally founded after its owners wrote software for their online snowboard store. The platform is currently used by more than 600,000 merchants who transact more than $34bn in sales volume.

Shopify now employs a large team in Ireland; most of whom are based in the West. All Shopify staff work from home; there is no Shopify office.

Shopify staff are located across the Western Region; with Galway centralised as its hub city. There are already some clusters of staff in towns like Carrick on Shannon, County Leitrim and Boyle, County Roscommon. They also have staff in Sligo, Donegal, Clare and obviously a large cohort in Galway. Staff do get to meet though; Shopify hosts monthly social meet-ups, mostly in Galway but events have also taken place in Sligo and other areas.

We spoke to the Luke Cassidy who works in Talent Acquisition at Shopify, to understand how this works and what their expansion plans are for the West of Ireland.

‘We’ve grown our team 300% over the last few years; from a small team that started in Galway in 2015. The majority of Shopifolk are based on the West coast. The team primarily works in support roles.’

Looking West

galway cityWhen asked why Shopify chose to base their team primarily in the West, Cassidy is effusive in his positivity on the benefits. ‘As soon as we felt the entrepreneurial energy of Galway City, we felt at home. At Shopify, we saw the opportunity to tap into the diverse and skilled workforce, and have a positive impact on the city as a whole.’

Luke also emphasises the importance of the cultural strength of Galway; ‘Galway is a cultural hub with an amazingly inclusive, innovative and engaged population. From Eyre Square to Spanish Arch, and everything in between  illustrated that the passion, spirit and heartbeat of the city is palpable.’

Shopify is a Canadian company and considers itself to be the world’s biggest start-up. They see a very strong cultural alignment between their company’s ethos and the West of Ireland culture; they are champions of diversity.

Remote Work Doesn’t Mean Isolation

Working remotely takes a certain amount of discipline and whether Shopify are recruiting for a customer service role or a more techie position, skills like problem-solving and the ability to think independently are key.

While you’ll get all the benefits of working from home, but with a solid structure. Staff work in set shifts, typically between 7am – 3pm or 10 am – 6 pm. And although you’ll be working remotely-  you won’t be lonely. “We schedule by team, so when you are working your whole support network are online too,” Luke explains.

And you’ll also get plenty of opportunities to meet your team members face-to-face. “There are meet-ups happening organically and then once a month we have a team meet-up.”

Meet The Team:

shopify team

Luke Cassidy and Veronica Patton of Shopify

Veronica Patton is a ‘Support Onboarding Trainer’ working with Shopify. She divides her time between Galway City and her native home in Donegal. We spoke with Veronica to get an insight into her experience of remote working for Shopify.

What did you do before you worked for Shopify?

‘I worked in many different areas before Shopify. My background was in Town Planning and most of my experience was in that field. I was a Heritage Officer for a local authority, then a tourist advisor for a while. Directly before Shopify, I was working for a distribution company in the West.

How did you find your job?

‘I was introduced to Shopify in April 2015 when a recruitment agency I had used before got in touch with me and told me about an exciting Canadian company that was looking to hire people in the Galway area. I didn’t really have any commerce or IT experience but the mission and values of the company drew me in. .

I also really enjoyed the interview process, from the “Life Story” interview to the technical interview (aptly called the Gauntlet!) I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better since joining Shopify.

I joined as a Customer Success Guru and loved every minute of it. I had never learned so much in any role previously. It was challenging work, but thanks to an amazing team, I was able to embrace the change and excel. I spent over a year as a Guru, then moved into the Squad Lead role and now a Support Trainer.’

What are the pros and cons of remote working?

‘One of the biggest pros for me has been the flexibility it has offered. I can work in Galway until 4pm on a Monday, hop in the car after work and drive to Donegal and work from there for a few days without it impacting my role. I have been able to spend more time with my family and friends than I ever did in any previous role. I can work from my home office or meet up with colleagues where we work together for the day.

I’ve noticed such a difference in my work-life balance. You have more time to spend doing the things you enjoy rather than sitting in traffic trying to get home. You’ll also save money on work clothes. Remote working makes you more proactive and independent – which has definitely helped me both inside and outside of work.’

remote working

So are there any negatives to remote working?

Veronica struggles to find any large negatives in her experience of remote working. ‘Personally, I find it hard to think of too many cons of remote working. I have definitely found more pros than cons, it has had a such a positive impact on my life.

It can sometimes be easy to continue working past your scheduled finishing time or opening the laptop on a weekend to check something else but you end up reading emails. It’s important to be aware of these kind of habits. You’re not really getting proper downtime if you are constantly on. Luckily Shopify has resources in place to help with this. Teams have daily check-ins as well as weekly meetings with your team lead – both are so supportive and always offer great advice. We also have allowances to support your mental and physical health, which let me expense the running shoes I had been looking to buy for months and help inspire me to be active. I’ve also tried my hand at a few meditation classes for the first time! Communication is different on a remote team, we mostly communicate via our internal chat (Slack) or by using video call.’

A huge thanks to Luke and Veronica from Shopify for sharing these insights with us. If you like the sound of a role in Shopify, the good news is they are hiring!

Shopify Roles Open Now:

Customer Success Guru Role (Fluent in German)

For more info, visit shopify.com/careers/

Help Build a Smart Region in the West – SMARTPLACES Survey

Are we Smart? Some of the world’s most innovative solutions exist in our region; across energy, healthcare, industry, commerce, buildings, communities & many more. SMARTPLACES is a project with big ambitions.

A collaborative project ‘Smart Places’ between the Northern and Western Regional Assembly (NWRA), the Western Development Commission (WDC), and the Insight Centre (NUI Galway). We are working with our stakeholders to be a platform for capturing existing smart projects and building a strategy to ensure our international competitiveness.  Click here for more information about the project.

SMARTPLACES sets to build a SMART & effective region. Adopting a smart strategy, smart policies and smart practices will enable continued international investment and ensure our people create and participate in the jobs of the future.

Example of a Smart Region

Help Us Build a Smarter Region:

We can be world leaders with your help.

A short 5-10 minute survey has been set-up here to capture our current SMART position. The survey looks for information about smart people, smart solutions and smart organisations from Clare to Donegal and Monaghan to Mayo. (Cavan, Clare, Donegal, Galway City, Galway County, Leitrim, Mayo, Monaghan Roscommon, Sligo). By ‘Smart’, we mean using modern technology, policies or systems to improve people’s lives.

Do The Survey

Thank you for your time and participation in the short regional survey. Please invite others to fill in the survey.  All responses are strictly confidential.

For more information visit http://smartplaces.insight-centre.org

Jobs Expo

The West’s leading employers to exhibit at Jobs Expo Galway this Saturday

Almost 40 of the West’s leading employers are to exhibit at the inaugral Jobs Expo Galway this Saturday. Employers include those from multiple sectors including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), ICT, Medtech, Retail, Insurance, Hotels, Recruitment, Training and Pharma as well as local employment networks and the Western Development Commission. Meanwhile, international employers exhibiting include Immigration Northwest Ontario, the Isle of Man Government, Motor, Local Employment networks

The event will take place on Saturday 11th February at the Radisson Blu on Mt. Atalia Road from 11am to 4pm and will showcase some of the region’s most highly-regarded companies, both Irish and multinational employers. It is the first time Jobs Expo has taken place in Galway; the event takes twice-yearly in Dublin and Cork and is regarded as Ireland’s leading jobs fair.

It’s aimed at people in Galway and the wider western region seeking opportunities or a career change and is free to attend.

“We have had a tremendous response from companies and jobseekers for this Saturday’s event”, says organiser Kevin Branigan of Careers Unlimited. “The job market in the West has heated up substantially and companies are looking to recruit and expand. This Saturday’s expo features employers from a wide range of sectors, seeking to meet skilled professionals for the West of Ireland.”

As well as the wide array of employers, Jobs Expo Galway will feature a day of seminars and talks and also free career advice in the ‘Career Clinic’, a dedicated area staffed by experienced career coaches. ”The Career Clinic is one of the most important and popular aspects of Jobs Expo, and it’s totally free of charge to attendees. Our team of coaches will help jobseekers with practical advice, such as CV preparation and interview skills. They can also assist people who want a career change,” says Branigan. Meanwhile, the Seminar Zone will offer free, topical talks given by industry insiders. “We have some very interesting talks lined up for this Saturday’s Seminar Zone event” he says.

“Our aim is to ensure that Jobs Expo has something for everyone, from entry-level positions to senior management roles and everything in between,” explains Branigan. Our main sponsor, Mathworks, will talk about opportunities at their new Galway office, while MetLife will tell us all about their new Global Technology Campus, Immigration Northwestern Ontario will explain why you should consider moving to this part of Canada, and for unemployed people thinking of retraining, FIT will discuss their ICT Associate Professional Apprenticeship Style Programme. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg”, he says.

“In addition, the West is a STEM, medical technology and ICT hub, and many companies taking part in Jobs Expo Galway reflect this. There will be no shortage of high-end roles at Jobs Expo this Saturday”, says Kevin.

Acorn Life; Advant Medical; Alkermes; Ashford Castle; Alere; BCS Sales Recruitment; BD; Boston Scientific; Coaching and Mentoring Excellence; Cpl Resources plc.; Creganna Medical; FIT; Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board; Immigration Northwestern Ontario; Innopharma College of Applied Science; Isle of Man Government; LotusWorks; MathWorks; Matrix Recruitment Group; MetLife; Military Autosource; Nightcourses; NUI Galway; Obair, the Local Employment Service Network; PhoneWatch; SmartBear; SiteMinder; SOLAS; SL Controls; Surmodics; Transitions Optical; Trinzo; Virtual Expos; Western Development Commission; Workplace Relations Commission; ZELTIQ Aesthetics and more.

Companies giving talks and seminars at Jobs Expo Galway include Siteminder; Boston Scientific; MetLife; Innopharma College of Applied Sciences; MathWorks; FIT; NUI Galway; Immigration Northwestern Ontario; and Career Coaching Ireland.

Career coaches taking part in Jobs Expo Galway include Helen Phelan, Coaching and Mentoring Excellence; Deirdre Dowling, Dowling Coaching; Ger Colleran, Talent Fusion; freelance coach Gráinne Hurley; careers advisor Laura Greene; Marie Devane, Devane Careers; and Pat Cregg, Career Coaching Ireland.

Admission is free for all wishing to attend Jobs Exp Galway. Those interested can register by visiting http://www.jobsexpo.ie

Dates: Saturday 11 February 2017
Time: 11am – 4pm
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Lough Atalia Rd, Galway
Entrance fee: FREE
Full details at: http://www.jobsexpo.ie/

More information
Kevin Branigan
Jobs Expo 2016
Tel: (01) 5311 280 / 0872679047
Web: http://www.jobsexpo.ie

Galway City

Galway Startup Ecosystem: What You Need To Know

This month’s guest blog is an Insider’s Guide to the burgeoning Galway Start-Up Ecosystem by Donncha Hughes and John Breslin.

Introduction to Galway

To set the scene for Galway’s vibrant startup ecosystem, one needs to appreciate Galway’s geographic, cultural and business landscape. Galway is located in the West of Ireland, approximately a two-hour drive (200 km) from the capital, Dublin. The population in the greater Galway hinterland exceeds 250,000 people, making it the island of Ireland’s fourth largest centre of population after Dublin, Belfast and Cork. For many Irish and international visitors, Galway is synonymous with the Galway Horse Races. For over 100 years, the Galway Races has gone from strength to strength with now in excess of 150,000 people attending the week-long festival every July. Recognised as the greatest midsummer festival in Ireland, the ‘Races’ is known for attracting people from all walks of life with a broad appeal beyond traditional race goers. Complemented by other cultural experiences such as the Galway International Arts Festival, it is indicative of the standards of excellence that Galway strives for – recognised recently with the city’s designation as the European Capital of Culture 2020.

Galway was named as the top microcity in Europe in 2014/2015 by the Financial Times fDi magazine (for cities less than 100,000 people), and the top microcity in Europe in 2016/2017 for both business friendliness and economic potential. We are also the world’s friendliest city according to Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has played a significant role in the development of Galway’s business landscape, as facilitated by IDA Ireland. Since the 1960s, companies in sectors such as medtech and life sciences, ICT, food and engineering to include: Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Fidelity Investments, SAP, Cisco, Avaya, Aviva, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Valeo Vision Systems and many more have operated successfully in Galway. The importance of this multinational base has also laid the foundations for the development of a vibrant indigenous sub-supply and logistics sector.

Galway is Ireland’s medtech capital, with a third of Ireland’s medtech workforce in one of Europe’s if not the world’s top medtech hubs, with a density of companies and medtech research institutes only rivalled by Minnesota. Just take a look at the Galway Tech Map and Galway Medtech Map and you’ll get a good overview of the companies based here.

Galway Tech map via Technology Voice

Over the last decade, Ireland has attracted a new wave of global brands such as Facebook, Apple and Google to base key European operations here. Galway has also benefited from this trend. 100 jobs were recently announced by Australian hotel cloud giant SiteMinder, and 200 more by MetLife. Like Dublin and Cork, this has boosted the startup ecosystem as personnel emerge with key skills gained at these multinationals.

Galway MedTech Map

Galway MedTech map via Technology Voice

Read the rest of this article on StartupBlink.com.

Dublin Event TechWest To Highlight Job Opportunities in the West of Ireland on October 26th


TechWest 2016, which was launched in the PorterShed in Galway City’s Innovation District today (Monday), is an event to be held in Dublin on October 26,  showcasing jobs on offer in the West and Mid-West regions,’ outlining the benefits to those thinking of making the move from Dublin. Booking is now open at collinsmcnicholas.clearbookings.com.

Organised by Collins McNicholas — the only national recruitment company headquartered outside Dublin — this free event will be held at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin on Wednesday, October 26, starting at 5pm.  The event is being run in conjunction with the Western Development Commission.

The aim of TechWest 2016 is to target people who are open to moving to work in the West and Mid-West and outline the opportunities available to them.

The event will feature a range of speakers including owners of companies looking to hire, people who have set up successful businesses in the regions as well as individuals who have made the move already. They include John Gleeson of General Motors and Martina Power, Vice President at ACI Worldwide, both based in Limerick.

MC for the night is Samantha McCaughren, Business Editor of the Sunday Independent. Other speakers include representatives from support organisations such as the IDA, Enterprise Ireland, the WDC and Galway’s Portershed & Innovation District.

Gillian Buckley, Investment Manager of the WDC, said: “The West of Ireland is an ideal environment for young technology companies with strong growth potential and job opportunities. It offers strong networks, connectivity and a dynamic start-up environment where you can have a quality of life second to none. “The opportunities in terms of work space, funding sources, shared learning and collaboration coupled with the wonderful lifestyle, accessibility and living costs makes the West the perfect place to achieve your work/life balance.”

Collins McNicholas experts will also run a CV Clinic where attendees can get their CV assessed and be matched with potential job opportunities. TechWest 2016 will close with networking opportunities as well as beer and whiskey tasting and artisan food sampling.

THINKTECH selection process underway

Applications for the THINKTECH programme led by Social Innovation Fund Ireland closed on 31st July. The team have begun the selection process and here are the most interesting trends that have emerged so far;

  1. An encouraging 53% of applications identified themselves as Social Enterprises
  2. The West of Ireland was well represented with applications from Galway, Sligo and Roscommon
  3. Issues affecting Children and Young People emerged as the dominant social issue (18.8%) followed by promoters of social inclusion (16%).
  4. 54% of THINKTECH’s lead applicants are female compared to male applicants who accounted for 46%.

We here at Lookwest.ie cannot wait to see what happens next and will continue to follow the THINKTECH journey. For more information on the findings of the initial selection process, see the full article here.

New Frontiers Programme a major help for Westport’s TruckScience

SORCHA O’Grady and Jens Hellberg are the people behind TruckScience, a company creating simplified software for the transport industry worldwide. Based in Cedar Park, in Westport, the company had its origins out of a home office in Tonranny in 2011, when it was just the brainchild of the married duo.

With Jens’ background in trucks in his native South Africa and his and Sorcha’s expertise in software development, the couple created ‘TruckScience’. With 18 million trucks sold worldwide per year, industry professionals are always looking for cost savings and so TruckScience was created.

One of the company’s software systems allows truck designers to use its Axle Weight Calculator to help build truck bodies, to help sales people sell trucks based on their clients’ needs, ensuring that purchases are cost effective by working out how to optimise payload within legal limits. There also offer other industry-related products. Today, TruckScience employs four full time staff at its Westport office and Sorcha and Jens cite various enterprise initiatives in helping them bring their business from concept to fruition, in particular their time in the Innovation Hub (iHub), a business and entrepreneur incubation centre at GMIT in Castlebar.

After getting LEADER funding for market launch and office set up, the couple entered the New Frontiers Programme at the Innovation Hub, which involved weekly mentoring to develop their business further. As a result of this programme the company’s products were streamlined down to three. “The programme, facilitated at the Innovation Hub at GMIT Mayo, gave us €15,000 to allow us to work on our own business. There’s a nice startup community, a nice feeling that we’re all in it together,” said Sorcha.

The most positive aspects of the iHub for TruckScience was having constant support from entrepreneurs and others striving to launch their business and also having a professional address to work from, along with training facilities and boardrooms. “There was such a brilliant community in there. You’d meet someone at the kettle and that’s you networking and Maria Staunton (manager at the iHub) was always looking for ways to help.” The entrepreneur in residence was Brian Reynolds, a retired Microsoft executive who freely gave of his expertise to Sorcha, Jens and all the other business owners in the programme.  “We were stuck in a room in Tonranny and it was only when we got to the iHub we were aware of what was going on and hearing about programmes we could benefit from.”

Sorcha and Jens would attend a networking event each month at the iHub and meet marketing experts and learned about current legislation that related to their business.  TruckScience was subsequently successful in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship event, by the iHub, which saw them get a chance to pitch and exhibit their business to successful entrepreneurs.  “In the longer term, the vision is for TruckScience to be synonymous with professional software for the trucking industry worldwide. In the short term, TruckScience is hoping to raise investment to match a second tranche of investment from Enterprise Ireland.” said Sorcha. TruckScience now sells its software to 19 countries and growing, including Canada, Australia, Vietnam, UAE and Angola. According to Sorcha, TruckScience received a helping hand every step of the way in terms of advice, funding and from programmes like New Frontiers at the iHub. “When I think of it now we didn’t have a clue about marketing, we didn’t have a marketing strategy. We didn’t have any awareness of the supports available out there but once we started we realised there was an eco-system of support, every organisation puts you in touch with another one and you continue to reap the benefits.”

MORE The Innovation Hub (iHub) at GMIT Mayo celebrates its tenth year in 2016. In the last decade its client companies have created 192 full-time and 51 part-time jobs and raised €19.7 million of funding with nine high potential start-up companies created. Keep an eye out for a series of special articles on the iHub in the coming months.

Courtesy of The Mayo News Ciara Galvin

Innovation Clinic for SMEs

Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available from Enterprise Ireland to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider.

The Contract Research Unit (CRU) of IT Sligo provides dedicated technical Research & Innovation support to regional enterprises and communities. As part of this service we are inviting SMEs to attend our Innovation Clinics at which they can avail of a one to one review of their specific innovation needs.

The clinics are primarily aimed toward developing SME applications to the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Initiative. Advice on other funding sources and research partners is also available.

Who should attend? Micro, small and medium enterprises with a need for technical assistance for a new product, process or service. Ideally you will have a specific concept or project in development. IT Sligo can provide technical support in numerous engineering and science fields such as energy, sustainable technologies, manufacturing, precision engineering, process optimisation, environmental science, design and the built environment. All industry sectors are welcome.
How do I register? You can register for the clinic on eventbrite.ie – click on venue links below. Following registration you will be emailed by an IT Sligo CRU staff member and given an opportunity to enter a 1 page survey of your specific innovation need, after which you will be allocated a time for a one-to-one review on the day of the clinic.
What’s in it for me?
  • Introduction to the IT Sligo Contract Research Unit (CRU)
  • Introduction to the PEM (Precision Engineering & Manufacturing) Technology Gateway at IT Sligo
  • Overview of the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Initiative
  • One-to-one advisory review of your specific innovation project. Follow up appointments will be arranged where appropriate, to assist you with a funding application.

When and where?
Innovation Centre
IT Sligo
Co. Sligo
16th August 2016
09:00 to 13:00

The Hive,
Dublin Road,
Carrick on Shannon,
Co. Leitrim
23rd August 2016
09:00 to 13:00

The CoLab
Co. Donegal
26th August 2016
09:00 to 13:00

Further information?
Contact Mel Gavin or Leo Murray at the IT Sligo CRU on 071 9305825, or email Mel Gavin gavin.mel@itsligo.ie 


            PEM-1                             ei