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The West of Ireland is home to seven counties, all offer a unique quality of life. Explore below…

Let’s Live in Donegal

‘Up here, it’s different,’ the proud people of Donegal are known to say.

Donegal is a gem in the North West corner of Ireland. The Wild Atlantic Way really struts its stuff along the Donegal coastline. The county’s incredible scenery and natural beauty also serves the practicalities of modern commercial life.

One of the country’s largest counties, Donegal boasts a population of nearly 150,000, has its own third level college and is easily accessed by road, rail and air.

Let’s Live in Sligo

Sligo is a hidden gem in the North West.

By combining the hustle of a major town with the stunning natural beauty of a scenic coast, Sligo really has the best of both worlds. When you add in a high–performing third level college, a local airport and excellent travel links with the rest of Ireland, you can see why Sligo is one of the top choices for tourists and businesses alike.

The chance to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle mixed with everything a large town has to offer means Sligo simply has so much!

Let’s Live in Leitrim

Small county, big heart.

What it lacks for in size, Leitrim more than makes up for in energy and ambition and can offer beautiful, untouched countryside alongside busy small towns simply sparking with energy. A hidden gem in the West, Leitrim’s position on the river Shannon has always ensured it’s a favourite spot for tourists.

Investors and businesses are now realising the benefits Leitrim can offer through its motivated and educated workforce backed up by a solid infrastructure connecting it with the rest of Ireland and beyond.

Let’s Live in Roscommon

The picturesque county of Roscommon is home to an extraordinary offering of lakes and water-based sports activities.

Traditional craft and heritage, sports and agriculture all play an important part in the story of the proud Rossies, as well as a cultural legacy from a long line of esteemed artists, actors and literary icons. From Chris O’Dowd’s hit TV series Moone Boy to the historic houses, boutique and artisan food shops and cafes, Roscommon’s independent flair paired with competitive property prices and close proximity to major cities make it a perfect destination to live, work or chill out in.

Mayo gives you so much more…

Stunning natural beauty… vibrant urban centres and a quality of life unmatched in most of the country, Mayo offers so much.

An international airport, an established third level college and a vibrant commercial and business community across a number of large towns gives businesses of all sizes a solid footing in Mayo. Not to mention tourist attractions like the world-famous Croagh Patrick, which attracts one million visitors a year from all over the world.

Let’s Live in Galway

As the main population centre on the west coast, Galway City and county has so much to offer.

Home to one of Ireland’s Irish-speaking regions in Connemara and a base for culture, theatre and the arts, Galway also has a very healthy local business and has attracted many major foreign companies to locate there.

Clare – a great place to live

A hive for Irish culture and history.

Clare has long attracted visitors with the perfect combination of cultural festivals and incredible scenery. From the world-famous Cliffs of Moher to the Burren and the coastal beauty of Kilkee and Kilrush, Clare has it all.

The county offers visitors and residents alike a fantastic quality of life and a rich living environment.

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Quality of Life

LookWest and you will find an amazing place to live and spend your quality time. There are seven counties to explore including Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Clare.


Search here for jobs, internships and graduate positions available in counties Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Mayo, Galway and Clare.