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Baile Nuacht Nuacht LookWest.ie Let's Win One for the West - LookWest.ie Shortlisted for Dot ie Net Visionary Award
Dé Céadaoin, 17 Lúnasa 2011 15:10
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IIA voteSupporters of LookWest.ie urged to 'Win One for the West'

LookWest.ie is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for a Dot ie Net Visionary Award in the 'Best Use of Social Media' category.

How To Vote:

The overall winner in each category will be the website receiving the most votes from the public.   LookWest.is is now asking people from the Western Region, both those living here and those living elsewhere, to vote for LookWest.ie.

Each person can only vote once so to all those who have an affinity or link with the Western Region, please log on and vote for LookWest.ie.  Voting closes at 6pm on September 2nd and winners will be announced on September 30th."

Why Social Media is important for LookWest.ie  

Social media engagement is a core component of LookWest’s online activities and over the last number of years, LookWest.ie has engaged with social media audiences across a number of channels to support, ignite discussions and solicit feedback on how to support the future of the Region. LookWest.ie has run a number of successful social media campaings including;

MySummer vote

  • MySummer Photo Contest: Since launching in July 2011, the MySummer photo competition, which seeks to find the Region's favourite summer moments, has attracted over 750 photos.  Now in the voting stage, there have been more than 1,500 votes in one week.
  • 7 Wonders of the West:  The LookWest.ie ‘7 Wonders of the West’ campaign ran in November / December 2010 to create a publicly voted list of the Region’s favourite places, events and things to do. Over a four week period, over 1,000 nominations were submitted and an astounding 1,800 votes were received over a 2 week period.
  • Capture a Sligo Summer Moment Photo Competition:  In July 2010, to coincide with the Lissadell concerts happening in Sligo, LookWest.ie facilitated a photo competition called ‘Capture a Sligo Summer Moment’.  Over the space of one week, up to 500 photos were submitted and over 1,000 votes were logged. 

Net Visionary Award Look West

More Info:

To see why LookWest.ie was shortlisted visit our Facebook and Twitter

Help us win the Best Use of Social Media Net Visionary e-Government Award by voting for us here